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Its Gonna Be Ok…..April 2014

winter and spring


Did you enjoy Game of Thrones Marathon Weekend? Remember how they are always talking about the Winter that kills almost everyone, is to always be feared and should never be taken for granted? Makes me feel so grateful that I only watch the show, I don’t actually live it. Honestly, I would likely have a short life span the way characters are falling left and right.

I was glad it was Spring this weekend. Peas, Spinach, Beets, and lettuce are in the raised beds. Lots of other veggies and herbs are started in the “Victory Greenhouse” (Michele Obama style). Winter is finally becoming a lost lost memory.

But then I realized that I enjoyed this Spring more because the Winter had been particularly rough. I enjoyed being outside in a T-shirt because I had been in several layers for months.

I think sometimes we dread hard-times because we lack the confidence to know that we can get through them. I realized today that my confidence, and resulting increased sense of worth and calm, had also increased. I knew that we were “going to be ok”; we had survived the Spring; we hadn’t gone into debt to pay unexpected bills this year; we hadn’t gone into debt for the holidays, but instead, we lived within our means; we connected with family and friends; DH and I learned to play a couple of board games together as an alternative to watching TV all the time (post-football of course).

Hard times, I think, can sometimes be a gift in disguise. When you come through the other side, and you will, the gift of experience, confidence, perhaps a new skill set will impart a unique qualification for your future that other people will not have. It will set you apart, for good or for bad. I think that we have the choice to make it for good, more often than not.

Who has inspired you as you go through hardship? What keeps you going?

April Fools!

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How about a retro video today! What a neat little video, and I love the look. If you try this, would you post pics of yourself on my FB page? Here is the link:

What Hope are you Hanging onto Today?

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What Hope are you Hanging onto Today?

I don’t know about you, but I hang onto the small miracle that I woke up today, I smiled at my husband, and he smiled back. We have such a gentle and kind relationship.

I hang onto the puppy who wags her tail at me, loving the fact that I am alive, that the day is awake and we can have an adventure; for her that is enough.

It was such a blessed morning that I just couldn’t turn the news on and have the rare respite of grace to spoil it. This evening is soon enough to find out which politican has dashed our hopes, which innocent person has been murdered, which criminal has not been brought to justice. For just this morning, I wanted to bask in the rare bliss of hope.

But then that wasn’t enough; I wanted more. I wanted to bring that to school with me. How naturally that fit with all the little kiddos who had been given a glorious late start because of the winter storm last night. They were fresh, pink-cheeked, happy from a weekend of being cooped up in town, families stuck at home, unable to be busy, forced by weather to stick together and amuse themselves by building snow-forts, throwing themselves down into the snow to make snow angels, starting ferocious snow-ball wars.

There is hope; sometimes you just have to look for it in places you never expected, to give thanks for storms which make you spend more time with your family in your home instead of being busy over a weekend. Sometimes you have to learn to be flexible instead of being bitter that your life has been challenged with change beyond your control. And in that learning, every so often, you find an opportunity to collaborate with faith. To find that small still voice in your heart and believe that even at the worst of times, there is still hope.

What hope are you hanging onto today?

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Living a Charmed Life

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Living a Charmed Life

Well, as promised dear readers, here is the start of the series “Creating a Charmed Life” by Victoria Moran…..this is a book all about being very practical with one’s self care. I will always use this gorgeous photo to identify it as I use Count Dracula to identify the Emotional Vampire series.

Why start this series? First I love the book; it is so very elegant, so French. Secondly, because I decided that it was quite silly to hammer out the offensive all the time with Emotional Vampires (although that is very necessary) but not work on the defense at all (forgive me; I love the NFL….and Fantasy Football. Are we surprised I started blogging after the season was over? No we are not).

Now it is quite possible you may wish to just grab the book from Amazon; please do. My intention here is to simply provide a simple outline of each chapter, one per week, develop a few action plans, and then off you go. Questions, comments, feedback (did it work for you? Sound off, let us know! Didn’t work for you? For heavens sake, please let me know too; I’m inventive, I’ll think of something ;)  )

So for today, I will content myself with closing this introduction with a couple quotes from the lovely Ms. Moran.

“My intention in writing [this] is to bring charmed living out of its country-club-like, members-only status and make it a viable option for anyone willing to do the work. This applies to both men and women. You can share this with anyone; that way you’ll not only be creating a charmed life-you’ll have people around you to support it, people who are taking steps toward their own charmed lives. “


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Something Old; Something New…..

roup14 deviant art

On Twitter today, a very wise man posted the following quote:

“One of the most striking things about the Wright brothers’ story is how many haters they had. Apparently they come with anything new” (Paul Graham via @paulg).

What a deep statement to make. As an example,  check out at all the new sports they have in the Olympics this year; do you wonder how much derision the athletes had to deal with when they first approached the Olympic Committee when they wanted to have, say, Snowboarding Cross included in 2006? Think of the first time snowboarders wanted to be included in the Olympic Games to begin with at all; I wonder how hard a time the die-hard skiiers gave the boarders until finally the Boarders were able to participate…and perhaps the Boarders got a hard time after that. Change is hard for everyone, especially when time-honored traditions are involved.

Yet the athletes persisted, and Snowboarding remains one of the most popular events in the Olympics. Hard core determination, dare we say stubbornness, was necessary to truly get some recognition for the “new thing” to be a recognized and accepted sport.  These words are important when we think about changing something that is rigidly held in tradition and difficult to change: persistence, determination, identification of a specific goal, recognition of that goal and eventual acceptance. This is the pattern necessary for that kind of change.

 How about you? Do you have personal goals which are troubling you or you are doing well at achieving? Sound off and let us know!

Very best to you and your Goals.

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