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Amazon Donates To Charity…In YOUR Name :-)

Did you know that Amazon has started to Donate to a Charity of your Choice…on things you have just purchased?

I am already a Prime member, and they asked me if I wanted to sign up. Amazon Smile FAQ states that you will have the exact same access to the same site, essentially, but with the added bonus that 0.5% of your eligible purchases will go to a charity of your choice.

I don’t know about you  but I am going to try it. I’ll keep you posted. Because most of my family is military, all three of my brothers are deployed (or ready to deploy)  and I am former Navy, I chose the Wounded Warrior Projectas my charity.

Does anyone else have feedback on this program? On the face of it it seems pretty cool.


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Totally AWESOME short hair styles-Quick!

I’m growing my hair out. So what can I do besides flat iron and curlers?

The styles on this vid are fast enough even for squiggly toddlers.

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Something Old; Something New…..

roup14 deviant art

On Twitter today, a very wise man posted the following quote:

“One of the most striking things about the Wright brothers’ story is how many haters they had. Apparently they come with anything new” (Paul Graham via @paulg).

What a deep statement to make. As an example,  check out at all the new sports they have in the Olympics this year; do you wonder how much derision the athletes had to deal with when they first approached the Olympic Committee when they wanted to have, say, Snowboarding Cross included in 2006? Think of the first time snowboarders wanted to be included in the Olympic Games to begin with at all; I wonder how hard a time the die-hard skiiers gave the boarders until finally the Boarders were able to participate…and perhaps the Boarders got a hard time after that. Change is hard for everyone, especially when time-honored traditions are involved.

Yet the athletes persisted, and Snowboarding remains one of the most popular events in the Olympics. Hard core determination, dare we say stubbornness, was necessary to truly get some recognition for the “new thing” to be a recognized and accepted sport.  These words are important when we think about changing something that is rigidly held in tradition and difficult to change: persistence, determination, identification of a specific goal, recognition of that goal and eventual acceptance. This is the pattern necessary for that kind of change.

 How about you? Do you have personal goals which are troubling you or you are doing well at achieving? Sound off and let us know!

Very best to you and your Goals.

Photo credit: Roup14 (Deviant Art)



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