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Welcome all. I am a doctoral candidate, almost finished with my psychology degree…all but dissertation! I specialize in trauma, so what am I doing on WordPress?

People often need help dealing with other people. Figuring out how to get from one day to the next is usually easier when you can just figure out how do deal with the mental/emotional/physical stress that comes with high-maintenance people in your life.

I call this, simply, being a Human Interaction Specialist. A Human Interaction Specialist is a person who DOESN’T allow others to suck the life out of me…and someone who can generously teach others the tricks, twists and turns  I have learned in order to create a more harmonious and peace-filled existence. Think Rivendell, maybe not on Earth but at the least, in your Mind.

Need me? I’m only an email away.

Right now we are talking about Emotional Vampires. Next…who knows? But I can guarantee it will be helpful and relevant to you and your life.

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5 thoughts on “About Erina

  1. I love the term, “Emotional Vampire,” it bites right into the heart of the matter. My sister received her PhD from Cornell in Native American Languages/Linguistics… when she was 50, and I know the amount of hours, studying, researching and writing she had to put in. Best of luck with yours.

    • Hello Ann: Thank you so much for your encouragement! What a really great topic, Native American Languages/Linguistics. Does she blog about it?
      I am set to defend in about a month, so I appreciate any and all encouragement. Very best to you and thank you again for writing :)

      • No she doesn’t blog – she’s currently working at a Conservancy in Upstate New York to preserve open land. She’s quite passionate about it. But she worked many difficult years to accomplish her degree goal.
        Just from peeking ’round your blog – I know you’ll do fine. You’re quite brilliant and caring – that’s a killer combo.
        ps I love your header image. I’m quite passionate about horses. Never owned one, but it is a dream of mine….

      • You are awesome :) Thank you!

      • Erina,
        Have a lovely weekend and happy studying. Don’t forget to take a few breaks…

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