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Verbalize+Visualize+Internalize = Materialize

This is a quote by a motivational speaker, Dr. Lance Wallnau. As you can tell, I have the Olympics bug (and why not…they only come around every 2 years!).

I was thinking of this quote as I get closer to some really big deadlines at work, and they motivate me because accomplishing these deadlines mean doing things some detail work I really would rather not. The problem is, I have to do it.

I think of the Olympian athletes. Their passion is their sport, of course. You can see it in their faces. But there were times which they would have rather not done some foundation work that led up to their time in the spotlight. Times they would rather not have gotten up at 4 in the morning to work out. Times parents would rather not have worked multiple jobs to fund their accomplishments. There were likely times that each athlete had to pick their sport over a romance, or a tantalizing job that might have deviated them off their path.

Each time they came to a cross-roads (yes that is Oprah-speak), they had to mindfully choose: is my passion worth every sacrifice. Is this life what I want to do. Is every surgery worth it. Is every night of pain worth getting up the next day to beat myself up again?

Look at the faces. Even the ones who didn’t make it on the podium. There is dissapointment, surely. But in a few days, usually you will see something else. Determination. Planning. They are already planning the next four years, the next Olympic games.

They are verbalizing their passion. They visualize their goal. They internalize that passion at the exclusion of all else. And it materializes. They become Olympians.

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