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George Washington.

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George Washington.

Looking at a wax likeness of President and General George Washington. The likeness was amazing; it was almost as if I could see him breathing, reach out and touch him, and he would begin conversing with me.

This was one of the biggest things on my bucket list; to see a wax likeness of my ancestor (through his mother). I felt as if I could do just about anything standing there looking at him, at a man who led his country to freedom. Looking at him, I feel such hope for this country, feel such Grace for what we can do as a country.

What are the great things you have inside you going into 2014? What is on your Bucket List?


Destiny Quest!

A hearty Happy Holidays! We are looking forward to New Years and our Resolutions…or rather a new Destiny Quest.

Watching the Hobbit with my family over the Christmas season, I realized that a resolution is simply an excuse for a Quest…a Quest to realize your Destiny. A Quest to take oneself to the next level, to have a “real adventure” as Bilbo Baggins would say, throwing caution to the winds, and believing that one’s feet will remain firm on the earth despite any killer dragon.

A Destiny Quest builds character. You are called to learn new skills, employ strategic thinking, utilize every gift you possess, perhaps discover gifts you never knew you had. On a Destiny Quest you learn to the fullest extent exactly how strong or gifted you actually are. Gandalf said that Bilbo was ready for his Quest, that Bilbo had gifts and talents even Bilbo was unaware of. It took a hair-raising journey, a fellowship of rough but loyal dwarfs and a wise wizard for Bilbo to know exactly what he was made of.

Are you and I that lucky to have a quest like Bilbo, to have adventures that become as addictive as the LOTR series have become? What is your Destiny Quest this season?


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