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I have 50 Tabs Open at Once!

beautiful sunset


Hello Dear Readers

Well even though this is a very zen photo, as I get ready to defend my dissertation, I feel anything except zen.

I have approximately 30-50 tabs open at any one time, amassaed among 3 or 4 windows.

Have you ever tried to wake your computer up with all that open? Basically it doesn’t.

So I found the amazing little app. I have Google Chrome or you can just do a search for “One Tab”. It is a nice little miracle worker.


Google Chrome Store search for One Tab; it is a free app


Photo credit: @beautifulpics


$aving Money: Weight Loss

15 pounds lost


Hello Dear Readers! Happy Monday (?)

I hope your Easter Weekend (or Spring Equinox for those who observe that) was awesome.

It was freaking cold here.

But we managed to be with good food, good friends, and our spirits were high.

Then comes Monday. I weighed in and, lo and behold, I managed to maintain the 15 pound weight loss I have been working towards. Woot woot!

I have tried every trick in the book; Nutrisystem; Weight Watchers; Retrofit (which did good things but wow, was it expensive) You name it, expensive or cheap I have done it.

But because we are in a year of trying to save money and trim budgets while living abundantly, I thought I would offer some thoughts on worked for me. And it was free or cheap.

First: My Fitness Pal. This is a no-bull, awesome little website and app. You plug in what you ate, if you worked out (or cleaned or golfed or did paint ball or whatever) and you complete the day; then it tells you “If you continued like this you would weigh this much in 5 weeks.” Pretty darn simple. You can enter recipes (because we like to cook, yes we do, it is good, it is full of flavor and it is cheap!) but there are already a ton of foods entered in there that you just search and enter.

Second: FitBit (optional but helpful). This is a little bit of money but it is so worth it. It tracks your sleep, it tracks your daily movement. Just be sure you don’t wash it, it doesn’t swim well. Connect it to My Fitness Pal and watch magic happen. The two work together really well.

Third: Move. Go for walks. If you already belong to a gym, just get on the treadmill (and wear your Fit Bit) on a high incline (at least 5.0) and even if you just walk for 15 minutes, you are doing something to help yourself out. Now, if you are not the gym type, or you don’t have a gym membership, no sweat. YouTube Be Fit Channel has a ton of great workouts, stream from your laptop or phone, and off you go. YouTube Zumba is also a way to go (I personally love Zumba). No excuses.

Fourth: Get support. Find the group “No excuse moms” on Facebook. It is about 15K strong. You want motivation, there it is.

Fifth: Get a pair of jeans one size smaller than what you have (see you don’t even need a scale). Every 2 weeks, try and get in them. When they are comfy, wear them. If you aren’t at your ideal weight yet, get another size smaller and repeat. If you want a scale by all means get one. But if you want to go cheap, just do the jean-way. It works just as well even if its a bit weird.

Sixth: Food. This is the hard part. The best thing I learned from Retrofit was to get smaller plates and bowls. Then record everything into My Fitness Pal. When you eat, do the portions of 1/3s. 1/3 protein; 1/3 vegetable; 1/3 starch on the smaller plate. That should be enough for one meal. Eat about 4 meals a day  or 3 meals and a nice snack. Another way is to eat clean and even if you don’t do the workouts, the nutrition part of Jamie Eason’s Live Fit series is awesome and very do-able. If you are looking for great recipes without buying cookbooks check out Spark People Recipes or Clean Eating Magazine’s Archives.

Sevenths: Cookbooks. Every so often, Amazon will have free or cheap Kindle books. Keep up with them, and you will eventually find cookbooks if you have a specialized diet (gluten free, Paleo, vegetarian, etc). Come to that, Amazon has daily free Kindle books, so check them out and see what you can find and you can bring that to the gym to read while you are on the treadmill :)

So: cheap, easy, and fulfilling. What more could you want?


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Royal Recap: Day 13

Here’s a Recap from the Royal Tour. So happy to share with you, there are not many days left! :)


Here is a video of Princess Kate getting into the Cockpit


Photo credits: Gettys Images via Twitter via HRH Duchess Kate Blog

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Royal Recap: Day 12





Photo credit: Gettys Images via via Twitter via HRH Duchess Kate Blog


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