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Eating While Traveling

Happy Wednesday :)


This was a great link by one of my fav fitness guru’s Autmum Calabrese (of 21 Day Fit).

Why it improves your Human Interaction: 1) decreases the amount of “worry” by 2) teaching you to eyeball your nutrition with ease while 3) supporting your weight loss goals leaving you to be around other humans with increased confidence and head space…gotta love that! 





I graduated!

Hello All! I cannot believe it has been so long since I have posted. But I have a very good reason…..I have been working on defending my dissertation (which was successful) and passing the requirements necessary for full fledged doctoral status (Read: a lot of paperwork and details). But it is over and I’m back to normal(ish). Huzzah!

Now, we have 4 pillars this year we are speaking of (confidence, prowess, stewardship, principle) but this picture just spoke to me. There is also time to stop and smell the roses….or in this case, stop and enjoy innocence and play.

Enjoy and can’t wait to be with you all soon (and can’t wait to watch Hercules!)  xoxoxo

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Princess Files: Gardening!

I read last year that Princess Kate likes to garden ….I bet she has a gardener or two to help out, but I also bet, know how hands-on she is, that does a lot of it herself.

I started thinking about gardening myself, and tried my hand last year. It was a learning experience.

We have clay-soil although it is very rich and a lot of the worst weed in the world: Morning Glory, which, unfortunately, may only be killed with Round Up (then covered in mulch over a year and the heat from decomp used to burn the blasted 30-foot roots). Did you know that Morning Glory is like Medussa’s head? Pull it, and it grow back stronger; rototill it, and it propagates itself; and it takes 3 cycles of Round Up to the leaves to truly get the weed. It is the Satan of all Weeds.

preying mantis

Other than that one chemical, last year I also learned about pest control. I used detergent and vinegar for the little caterpillars which went after my berries.  I planted Preying Mantis babies in little cocoons to eat bugs; I got ladybugs to do the same; and I nailed up 2 cedar bat boxes to get even more bugs. We had 2 mosquitoes all summer. That was a win.

I planted potatoes; we didn’t eat a lot, but this spring I had a lot of seed potatoes and I figured out in real time which ones actually kept (for the record: German Butterball rock). Then I let the spuds sprout from the little holes (“eyes”) to see which were duds and which were good, then planted them about 1 1/2 apart, and put short-season corn (Gurney’s) and heritage beans between the potatoes. I want to see how that is going to work. I want to maximize space, and the theory is the potatoes go down, the corn goes up and the beans wrap ’round the corn. It’ll either be an amazing success or a colossal disaster.

Because I killed everything I attempted to sprout in the greenhouse (I have to take lessons on the power of the Green House) I bought nice tomatoes, pepper, and lemon cuke plants. Then I blasted everything with fish fertilizer. I planted carrots with the tomatoes (companion planting), basil with the peppers (because there was room) and threw spinach where I could. Why not.

The goal: To preserve what I can, grow potatoes to save through the winter, and to try not to use chemicals except for round up for the stubborn morning glory.

Do you have gardening adventures? What are your most successful crops?


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Princess Files: 2-in-1

Well this has been a fun day to watch Princess Kate who had a grueling double hitter….


At one of her favorite gigs, the American Cup event

Princess Kate and Sir Ben, a 4-time Olympian for the sailing sports

The Gorgeous McQueen at the garden party celebrating Prince Phillip’s 93rd birthdy


The new hat to go with the dress


Princess Kate speaking to HRH Princess Royal Anne


Photo Credits: Gettys Images


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