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Makeup Tutorial: Mary Greenwell

I love period makeup-but I like it done in a modern way. I thought that this tutorial by the amazing Mary Greenwell was fabulous. I have some great frocks ready for summer and I thought that this makeup look would complement them nicely, it spoke to the anglophile in me. Or very Snow White and The Huntsman, Kristen Stewart style  :)


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Royal Recap: Day 10 and 11 in Australia!

Here are some awesome pics of the Tour in Australia….adorable.




Photos via HRH Duchess Kate blog via Twitter via Gettys Images, @Katiemidleton, @DashRoyal, @ClarenceHouse

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$aving Money: Beauty Edition Vol. 2



Hello Dear Readers

This is a quick follow up to a blog post from last week about beauty and savings. I found an amazing website called and this website would have saved me almost $2000 by my calculations (over 10 years) trying to figure out what foundation I should use.

This is basically a website that calculates what precise foundation colors in exactly what most commonly purchased (both drug-store brand and high-end) foundations you should wear. The more you enter that you know suite you perfectly, the better the match.

If you would like to save yourself a pile of money and you are willing to invest a little bit of time, this is my best suggestion plan for you.

1. Get matched to at least three different brands. You can do this by going to a large store such as Ulta, Macy’s, Nordstrom, or Sephora and shop around (read: have fun!) and get matched perfectly. Ask to take samples home (watch the below Lisa Eldridge film) which you should be able to do.

2. When you are dead certain that at least 2 (three are better) brands match you in all different colors of light, enter them in at and you will have many different kinds of foundation recommendations for you. Everything from Revlon and Neutragena to YSL and MAC, all formulations, powder to liquid. It really is quite genius. You can purchase what you can afford, and the great thing is, when you are able to take advantage of online deals, you can be much more confident because you are almost guaranteed to be a match (reminder: check the return policy just in case).

3. Save money by repeating this process twice yearly: once in the summer and once in the winter. You will likely need two colors as your skin color changes with the seasons. As you age you will also likely need to change formulations, which can mean different colors as well. Change should be embraced.  :)


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$aving Money: Entertainment Edition


Well folks, I was inspired by….she talked about unplugging the cable and going to Netflix, High Def Antenna and the Library. Which is super smart, and I used to do it all through school. Saved me a wad (like $900 a year!).

One teensy issue. You know we live out in the middle of nowhere. High Def Antenna doesn’t work (we tried it). Netflix rules, but have you noticed that Amazon Prime Instant Video is starting to make it difficult for Netflix to get movies and TV series as quickly as it used to? And the Library is 60 miles away (Read: $67 round trip by IRS mileage rate).

Oh yeah. And we are football junkies.

So what do you do when you have all these limitations (not that football is a limitation…no. It is bliss).

You have to figure out your entertainment budget and really get a handle on it in other ways. I discovered that one way to trim your entertainment budget was to also trim the time you spent on entertainment.

For example. We still have cable. But we don’t have ALL the channels. We have the package we need to watch football, the news, and Dancing With The Stars (and special for this summer only, STARZ for Outlander!).  We have a  modest cable package. And we have DVR. Now we control the times we watch TV (and we zoom through commercials!) rather than letting TV times control our schedule!

We don’t usually watch TV during the day (unless we are sick or it is a blizzard or…you guessed it…. unless it is the NFL). We spend a lot of time outside. We ride horses. We go camping. We garden. We sit outside and read and drink lemonade (or whatever). We control the time we watch TV. So believe it or not, the cost savings on energy to run the TV and on the modest cable bill helps because we are, as Fellini once said, living spherically.

We have Netflix, but we consume it seasonally. In other words, we use it in the winter, late fall, and early Spring, the time of year when we are not outside. I cancel (or put on hold) Netflix over the late spring and the Queue is still waiting for me in the late fall when we put the motor home away. We have the 1 DVD out at a time plan, and this seasonal plan saves us $32 over the year. However, as Amazon Instant Video gets even better, I’m wondering if I will renew Netflix again this fall. Since I already have Prime, it will be interesting to see if Netflix will continue to meet our needs. It’ll be an interesting experiment. If Amazon Instant Video has all the goods we watch, then canceling Netflix for good will save almost $100. Not bad.

So let’s talk music. I have a classic problem. I like some songs on an album. But usually not ALL of them. So how do you only get the ones you want without being a pirate?

Spotify. $10 per month, download as much music as you like, keep it on 5 different devices, and you are golden. That is like getting 1 CD a month but you can add or delete the songs you actually want and use. For me it has been awesome and cheaper than buying actual CD’s and it is totally legal.

Lastly: let’s talk books. Amazon has the lending library for Kindle Users. You can go to used book stores or garage sales and score amazing summer reading books for very little $$. You can sell all your used books to or or compare on for the best pricing.

Or you can go to an actual public library. They have magazines, newspapers, videos, DVD’s, CD’s, and books galore. Some of the best moments of my life were quietly reading in a public library. I have always been a fan of supporting our public libraries. I hope you might consider them as well.


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Royal Recap: Day 10










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Royal Recap: Day 8

Adorable close up (above and below are a day previous)

Yes: Middle Earth Wine does exist!

A Wizard waiting to meet and greet. Of course.

Princess Catherine had no trouble with the curve, playing with Prince William :)



Photos: Tweeted from HRH Duchess Kate blog via Gettys Images; and RT’s from @BritishRoyals, @GovGeneralNZ, @RoyalReporter,  and @mrsgooding

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Give Away + Blood Moon Rising

blood moon

Hello dear Readers

First  I would like to direct your attention to an amazing give away at the wonderful HRH Duchess Kate Blog. There are 2 jewelry raffles. Very much worth checking it out (and looking at all the great posts that Charlotte has taken the time to collate for us!).

Secondly, we are going to have a Blood Moon this evening! What?!?

Apparently this is the first of 4 lunar eclipse’s that we will have within a 6 month period. Strangely, this has not happened since the 16th century. It seems this kind of thing is quite rare.

Some say it is a sign of the end times (but truly, that is a gimme….it basically always could be End Times at any given time with so many Random Awful Things going on all the time) and then if you watch the newest Hanzel and Gretal movie, well, odd things occur at such a moon. The Ancient Chinese thought a Dragon was eating the moon and that was what caused an eclipse.

The Ancient Celts called it the “Willow Moon” or Saille, the time when the Willow grew the best (in the UK), and as the Willow was associated with strong growth and healing, the Willow Moon thus became associated with strong growth and healing (appropriate given Spring). They thought that during the Willow Moon (or Early Spring) it was proper to focus on healing, growth (especially of knowledge), nurturing (of the young and of self), and gaining insight of one’s own personal mysteries.

If you are interested in other myths check out National Geographic, they have a great article on the whole thing :)

For me, I’m just going to go with the scientific explanation. Basically the sunrise is reflected on the moon, Mercury is the closest to the Earth it has been in a very long time and lends that redness to the moon and its an eclipse so there is that shadow effect. Some Native American tribes used to called it a Hunters Moon because it was finally warm enough to get out and go hunting and other tribes called it the Pink Moon because all the Phlox came out in bloom (depends on where you are geographically I think).  Being a farmer’s wife, I’m calling it “Crazy Farmer Call to Spring-Work Moon”. These farmers have been putting in 12 hour days to get the fields tilled and seeded and fertilized.

So if any of you catch the awesomeness of the Blood Moon and you catch a pic of it, let us know! Totally awesome regardless of what you think about it. It is supposed to be out about 3:05AM EST



Photo Credit: Sudhamshu Hebbar, Creative Commons liscence


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